First Time Tanners & Tanners with Fair Skin

If it’s your first time tanning please notify our tanning team associates, they will help you through your first tanning experience.

When you come to the salon please have a pair of purchased FDA approved eye wear, if you’re having trouble finding them we do offer some in store for sale. Skin hydration is crucial to tanning, come prepared with your own indoor tanning lotion. If you aren’t sure what to get our tanning team can help you in the right direction.

  • These are couple of lotions that are made for beginning taming and fair skin:

First Time Tanning Lotions

Always start out with a base level 1 bed, and gradually work your way up as far as minutes per session is concerned. Our tanning team will be setting your requested time into the bed, which will shut off after the allotted time is done.

  • Here are what some of the level 1 beds look like:

 First Time Tanners Beds

 Once inside the tanning bed room removed clothing to a comfortable level, apply lotion and get ready to get into the bed. Make sure that your eyewear is in place and that you have something to listen to. Each bed has a cooling fan that will start up once the session is in progress. The start buttons for your tanning time will be inside the bed, press it once you are comfortably in the bed with the lid closed. During the time that you are in the bed make sure to rotate your body, back, stomach, and sides, to ensure even tanning.

At the end of your session make sure to thoroughly wash your hands, especially between the fingers, to prevent brown streaking. One of the last things to do is moisturize everywhere. This restores your skin and helps keep the tan. After a couple of session and when you have a base tan, then you are ready for upper level beds. If you jump up the level before your skin is ready you can burn and injure your skin.

  •  As an alternative to bed tanning, Tanning World offers top of the line Sunless options in MysticHD and VersaSpa.

Sunless Tanning